Breakout Trading Strategy to Make Money

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Breakout Trading Strategy to Make Money - tradeglobalmarket


Breakout Trading Strategy to Make Money


What is Breakout trading strategy?

As we all know that market is consolidating 75% of the time. A consolidated market is little risky to trade, as the risk to reward ratio is not much profitable. If you will notice it clearly, market consolidate or range between support and resistance levels. A breakout occurs when the market breaks these support or resistance levels to form new highs or new lows. Making use of this breakout while trading is referred as Breakout trading strategy.


How to recognize the Breakout on the chart?

If you look at the charts of daily or hourly time frames, you can spot the breakout easily. A breakout occurs at the time of starting a new trend, whether it is uptrend or it is down trend. You can use some simple indicators to confirm whether this breakout will result into a new trend or not. Trade Global Market provides almost 89 different instruments to trade in financial market. You can use this strategy effectively with Trade Global Market Platforms. Trade Global Market provides its clients with the industry’s most reputable, award winning and sought-after Forex and CFD platforms – the Meta trader 4 (MT4).


What are the Signals to confirm the Breakout?

Recognizing a trade signal is very important while trading. This helps you calculate your risk to reward ratio. No matter what strategies you use, always use them with proper risk management. So how to recognize a breakout trading signal? After observing the chart if you find out that the price breaks out above the 20-day highest level then consider it as a buy signal. Similarly, when the price breaks out below the 20-day low level then consider this as a sell signal.

Once you are sure about the signal, go ahead and place an order with a proper stop loss. Keep an eye on the price movement and wait for your order to reach the take profit price level or hit the stop loss. Once the market starts moving in your take profit price level direction, then move your stop loss slowly to ride the profit. Many traders do not know the art of riding a profitable trade. By riding a profitable trade, you can make the most out of an opportunity you have captured.

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